MoellerStoneCare for the professional

Products for the natural stone professional:


HMK Z702
Defoamer HMK Z702
Function: Prevents foaming
Application: Cleaning work
HMK P709
Silicate Fluid for Terrazzo
Silicate Fluid for Terrazzo HMK P709
Function: Surface reinforcing agent
Application: Terrazzo, concrete bricks, concrete screed, garden ornaments etc.
HMK P717
Liquid Polishing Wax
Liquid Polishing Wax HMK P717
Function: Polishing wax
Application: Natural stone, agglomerate marble etc.
HMK P727
Re-polishing Powder
Re-polishing Powder HMK P727
Function: Repairing and renewing
Application: Marble and limestone
HMK S731
Silane Impregnator
Silane Impregnator HMK S731
Function: Reduces the penetration of water and dirt
Application: Natural stone surfaces, concrete block and unglazed bricks
HMK S741 Stone Reinforcement Agent
Stone Reinforcement Agent HMK S741
Function: Reinforcing and strengthening of stone
Application: Sandstone, mortar joints and plastering
HMK S748 Stain Protection - Premium Colour
Stain Protection HMK S748
Protect: Water, dirt, oil and grease
Application: Natural stone surfaces, agglo marble, cast stone and terrazzo
HMK S749
Pre-Installation Impregnator
Pre-Installation Impregnator HMK S749
Protect: Before stone laying
Application: Natural and artificial stone, brick, clay and terracotta panels
HMK R764
Anti-Slip -porcelain-ceramic tiles-
Anti-Slip -porcelain-ceramic tiles- HMK R764
Function: Anti-slip treatment
Application: Porcelain surfaces and unglazed ceramic tiles
HMK R765 Anti-Slip -granite-gneiss-glazed tiles-
Anti-Slip -granite-gneiss-glazed tiles- HMK R765
Function: Anti-slip treatment
Application: Granite, gneiss, quartzite and glazed tile surfaces
HMK R766
Anti-Slip -limestone-marble-
Anti-Slip -limestone-marble- HMK R766
Function: Anti-slip treatment
Application: Marble, limestone ...
HMK R767 Exterior Stone Cleaner -extra strong-
Exterior Stone Cleaner HMK R767
Cleaning: Extremely persistent silicate pollution
Application: Granite, gneiss and sandstone
HMK R771
Facade Cleaner -acid based-
Facade Cleaner HMK R771
Cleaning: Extremely persistent silicate pollution and atmospheric deposits
Application: Granite, gneiss and sandstone
HMK R777
Rust Remover for Hard Stone
Rust Remover HMK R777
Cleaning: Rust Remover
Application: Acid tolerant hard stone
HMK R799
Special Sealing Remover
Special Sealing Remover HMK R799
Cleaning: Wax coatings, sealants and impregnators
Application: Natural and composite stone

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