HMK R169 - STONE CLEANER - spezial

HMK R169 - STONE CLEANER - spezial


  • Special low odor cleaner for all acid-resistant natural stones.
  • Also suitable for use on polished surfaces.
  • Removes cement residue and dried building dirt.
  • Contains rust inhibitors, especially developed for hard stones.



HMK® R169 is a special low odor concentrated cleaner for removing cement and mortar residue, lime scale, rust and dried in building dirt from all acid-resistant natural stones. For internal and external use. HMK® R169 is especially suited for cleaning polished and hard stone. The rust inhibitors contained in HMK® R169 make it extremely suitable for the cleaning of areas liable to rust staining. Deposits left from abrasives used in polish-ing/honing the surface are also removed.


  • 1 litre bottles
  • 5 litre cans
  • 10 litre cans


About 10-60m²/litre


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